Mazda CX 3 Tire Size: Upgrade your Mazda CX-3’s performance with the right tire size – find out how!

The popular subcompact SUV, the Mazda CX-3, provides drivers with agility, performance, and elegance. To maximize Mazda CX-3 performance, choose the right tire size. In this post, we’ll examine the Mazda CX-3’s tire sizes and help you choose one that meets your driving needs.

Original tire size for the Mazda CX 3

The Mazda CX-3’s original tire size might change based on the model year and trim level. The standard tire size for most CX-3 variants is 215/60R16. Accordingly, the tires feature a 215-millimeter width, a 60% aspect ratio, and a 16-inch rim diameter. It’s important to take into account that higher trim levels may have larger wheels and tires, so check your owner’s manual or talk to a trusted tire professional to be sure you’re getting the proper tire size for your CX-3 model.

Tire SizeTread PatternLoad IndexSpeed Rating

Mazda CX 3 tire size and Rim Size for All Trim Levels

Trim LevelTire SizeRim Size
Carbon Edition215/60R1616x6.5
Carbon Edition Turbo215/50R1818x7
Grand Touring215/50R1818x7
Grand Touring Reserve215/50R1818x7

Bolt Pattern, aspect ratio, and lug information for a Mazda CX 3

Trim LevelBolt PatternAspect RatioLug Information
Sport5x114.36012mm x 1.5
Touring5x114.36012mm x 1.5
Carbon Edition5x114.36012mm x 1.5
Carbon Edition Turbo5x114.35012mm x 1.5
Grand Touring5x114.35012mm x 1.5
Grand Touring Reserve5x114.35012mm x 1.5
Signature5x114.34512mm x 1.5

Recommended PSI

Trim LevelRecommended PSI (Front)Recommended PSI (Rear)
Carbon Edition3633
Carbon Edition Turbo3633
Grand Touring3633
Grand Touring Reserve3633

Mazda CX 3 Tire Rotation Pattern

Rotation TypeTire Position - FrontTire Position - Rear
Forward CrossFront tires move straight backRear tires cross to the front
Rearward CrossFront tires cross to the rearRear tires move straight forward
X-PatternFront and rear tires cross to the opposite cornersFront and rear tires cross to the opposite corners

It’s crucial to adhere to a forward cross’s suggested tire rotation schedule every 7,500 miles or every six months. In this pattern, the rear tires are crossed in front while the front tires are moved straight back. To find out your car’s precise rotation pattern and frequency, it’s always a good idea to check the owner’s handbook or a competent mechanic.

Best Tires For Mazda CX 3

Tire Brand and ModelPrice Range
Michelin Premier A/S$140 - $180
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R$170 - $210
Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady$125 - $160
Continental TrueContact Tour$115 - $150
Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus$125 - $160

Speed Rating for Optimal Performance for Mazda CX 3 tire

The Mazda CX-3’s recommended speed rating is “H,” which means 130 mph (210 km/h). This grade balances high-speed performance with daily driving comfort and safety. Never exceed your tires’ maximum speed restriction or the manufacturer’s suggested speed rating to avoid accidents and damage.


You must know your Mazda CX-3’s tire size and specs for the best performance, handling, and safety. The tire’s sidewall shows the width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, load index, and speed rating. Choosing the proper tire size and type for your driving demands and following the prescribed rotation and inflation patterns will help your tires last longer and wear evenly. High-quality tires from trusted companies improve driving and road safety. Mazda CX-3 owners should visit a competent mechanic or tire specialist to choose the best car tires.

FAQ related to Mazda CX 3 Tires

Can I mix different tire types or brands on my Mazda CX-3?

Mixing tire brands and kinds on any vehicle, including the Mazda CX-3, is not advised. Mixing tires may cause unsafe handling. It’s important to have matching tires on all four wheels. This maintains tire traction, handling, and wear. If you need to replace one tire, replace all four for the best performance and safety.

How do I check the tire pressure of my Mazda CX-3?

Mazda recommends 36 psi for front tires and 33 for rear tires, regardless of model level. A pressure gauge and brand recommendations on a label on the driver’s door may be used to check Mazda CX-3 tire pressure.

How can I ensure optimal tire performance and safety for my Mazda CX-3?

Please choose the best tires for your Mazda CX-3 and maintain them by monitoring tire pressure, rotating them, and changing them as needed. To compensate for lower temperatures, inflate your Mazda CX-3 tires 3 to 5 psi higher in winter. Mazda provides tire and wheel protection for non-repairable tires against snags, cuts, punctures, or other dangers.

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