Land Rover Vs Range Rover: Everything You Need to Know [In-depth Comparison]

Popular luxury SUV brands Land Rover and Range Rover were formerly owned by the British automaker Jaguar Land Rover and are currently owned by TATA. While the Range Rover brand focuses more on luxury and comfort, Land Rover produces a variety of SUVs that are intended to be hardy and adaptable.

By contrasting Land Rover with Range Rover, buyers will be better equipped to choose between the two brands. We want to provide readers with a thorough comparison of the two brands and assist them in deciding which one best meets their requirements and tastes by emphasizing the differences in their features, performance, and pricing.

Land Rover Vs Range Rover-Key Points

Key AspectLand RoverRange Rover
Model LineupDiscovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and flagship Range RoverLarger, more luxurious, and more expensive models
PriceGenerally less expensive, starting at $30,000 for Defender 80Generally more expensive, starting at $92,000 for Range Rover
DesignMore rugged and utilitarian appearanceMore modern and luxurious appearance with sleek body lines and chrome accents
PerformancePrioritize off-road capabilities with terrain response systems and locking differentialsPrioritize on-road performance with powerful engines and all-wheel drive systems
SizeSmaller than Range RoversLarger than Land Rovers with more legroom for passengers

Trim Levels Comparison

Brand/ModelTypeSizePrice RangeKey Features
Land Rover DefenderSUVSmall$30,000 - $80,000Off-road capability, versatile
Land Rover DiscoverySUVMid-size$53,900 - $66,950Luxury, off-road capability
Land Rover Discovery SportSUVCompact$41,900 - $52,400Versatile, updated exterior design
Range Rover EvoqueSUVCompact$42,650 - $56,850Luxury design elements, accessible price
Range Rover VelarSUVMid-size$56,900 - $107,000Most expensive, luxury design elements
Range Rover SportSUVMid-size$70,850 - $115,000Optional plug-in hybrid powertrain, luxury
Range RoverSUVLarge$92,000 - $209,500Flagship model, luxury, off-road capability
Other Similar Options
BMW X7SUVLarge$77,600 - $141,300Powerful engines, spacious, luxurious
Mercedes-Benz GLSSUVLarge$77,250 - $133,150Luxurious, spacious, advanced technology

Specs and features of Land Rover Vs Range Rover

Several engine choices are available for Land Rover and Range Rover, including V6, V8, Diesel, and Plug-in Hybrid. Range Rover has a horsepower range of 355-557, whereas Land Rover ranges 254-518.

Land Rover and Range Rover get above-average fuel economy, with Land Rover averaging 16 to 24 combined mpg and Range Rover averaging 17 to 22 combined mpg. Although Range Rover has a 2-speed transfer case in some models, both brands offer an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover provides four-wheel and all-wheel drive in its Plug-in Hybrid versions, but Land Rover only offers four-wheel drive. For Land Rover, the wheel size ranges from 18 to 22 inches, and for Range Rover, it is 19 to 22 inches.

FeatureLand RoverRange Rover
Engine OptionsV6, V8, DieselV6, V8, Plug-in Hybrid, Diesel
Horsepower254-518 hp355-557 hp
Fuel Economy16-24 mpg combined17-22 mpg combined
Transmission8-speed automatic8-speed automatic, 2-speed transfer case
DrivetrainFour-wheel driveFour-wheel drive, All-wheel drive (Plug-in Hybrid)
Wheels18-22 inch19-22 inch
MSRP$42,650 - $211,900$94,500 - $218,500

Land Rover Vs Range Rover size

ModelWheelbase (inches)Overall Length (inches)Overall Width (inches)Standard Height (inches)
Range Rover115196.981.5973.59
Range Rover Sport115.1192.181.5971
Range Rover Evoque105.617278.0964.90
Range Rover Velar113.1189.27665.59
Land Rover Discovery115195.181.5973.7
Land Rover Discovery Sport107.918175.0967.5

Land Rover Vs Range Rover reliability 

Jaguar Land Rover owns luxury SUV companies, Land Rover and Range Rover. Although Land Rover has a history of inconsistent reliability, recent upgrades have made their more recent models more dependable. On the other hand, the more sophisticated technologies and luxurious amenities of the Range Rover contribute to its continuously superior dependability ratings. It’s crucial to remember that reliability might vary based on the individual model and year and that any vehicle will last longer with regular maintenance.

Safety and Convenience

Safety and Convenience FeaturesLand RoverRange Rover
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)StandardStandard
Intelligent Around View MonitorNot AvailableNot Available
Blind Spot WarningNot AvailableStandard on some models
Rear Cross Traffic AlertNot AvailableAvailable on some models as part of Drive Pack package
Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (IFCW)Available on some models as part of Drive Pack packageAvailable on some models as part of Drive Pack package
Automatic Emergency BrakingAvailable on some models as part of Drive Pack packageAvailable on some models as part of Drive Pack package
Driver Assistance TechnologyAdaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and moreAdaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more

Land Rover Vs Range Rover price

ModelStarting Price
Land Rover Defender 90$47,700
Land Rover Defender 110$51,750
Land Rover Discovery Sport$37,800
Land Rover Discovery$53,900
Range Rover Evoque$43,300
Range Rover Velar$56,900
Range Rover Sport$70,850
Range Rover$92,000

Available colors

BrandModelYear RangeExterior ColorsInterior Colors
Range RoverRange Rover202025 available colors including Lantau Bronze, Ostuni Pearl White, Silicon Silver, Hakuba Silver, Portofino Blue, Carpathian Grey, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black, Fuji White, and moreN/A
Range RoverRange Rover2021Santorini Black Metallic, Rossello Red Metallic, and Aruba MetallicN/A
Range RoverRange Rover2022Fuji White Solid, Santorini Black Metallic, and moreProvides the perfect complement to the exterior paint colors
Range RoverRange Rover20235 available colors, including sustainable materials like Kvadrat TM Premium textile and Ultrafabrics TMWindsor leather and Semi-Aniline leather, along with innovative materials like Ultrafabrics™ and Kvadrat™
Range RoverRange Rover Velar2022More than two dozen available exterior Velar color options, including Fuji WhiteN/A
Land RoverRange Rover2021Java Black, Santorini Black Metallic, Rossello Red Metallic, Aruba Metallic, Lantau Bronze, Ostuni Pearl White, Silicon Silver, Hakuba Silver, and Portofino BlueN/A
Land RoverRange Rover2022Fuji White Solid, Santorini Black Metallic, and moreN/A
Land RoverDefender 20232023Pangea Green and Gondwana Stone N/A
Land RoverRange RoverN/AMore than 30 exterior color options including solid colors, metallics, premium metallics, and even exclusive SVO and SVO Premium colors with gloss or satin matte finishesN/A
Land RoverRange Rover2020N/AInterior color options available
Land RoverRange Rover Velar2021Exterior and interior color options availableN/A

Land Rover Vs Range Rover 0-60

BrandModelYearEngine0-60 mph Time
Land RoverDiscovery Sport20212.0L turbocharged inline-47.4 seconds
Land RoverDefender 9020223.0L turbocharged inline-67.7 seconds
Range RoverRange Rover20213.0L V65.85 seconds
Range RoverRange Rover20224.4L twin-turbo V84.9 seconds
Range RoverRange Rover Sport20223.0L turbocharged inline-67.1 seconds
Range RoverRange Rover Sport SVR20225.0L supercharged V84.3 seconds
Range RoverRange Rover Velar20222.0L turbocharged inline-47.5 seconds

Advantages and disadvantages of both 

Land RoverMore affordable than Range RoverLower fuel efficiency than some competitors
Great off-road capabilitiesMore limited cargo space compared to some rivals
Comes with a variety of engine optionsCan be expensive to maintain and repair
Features a third-row seat in some models
Range of sizes available depending on the model
Luxury features vary depending on the model
Range RoverMore luxurious than Land RoverHigher price point compared to Land Rover models
More advanced off-road capabilitiesLower fuel efficiency than some competitors
More powerful engine optionsCan be expensive to maintain and repair
More interior space and cargo room than Land RoverExpensive price point for many luxury features
Lower fuel economy compared to other luxury SUVs

Land Rover Vs Range Rover-A Conclusion

Summary of findings:

Two high-end SUV models, Land Rover and Range Rover, have benefits and drawbacks. Land Rover is cheaper and has excellent off-road performance but has less storage room and poorer fuel economy. Despite being more opulent, having more sophisticated off-road capabilities, and having more interior and cargo space, Range Rover is more expensive and has worse fuel economy.

Recommendations for buyers:

Budget, driving requirements, and personal preferences should all be considered when buying a Land Rover or Range Rover. Land Rover could be a better option if budget and off-road ability are your top priorities. However, Range Rover might be a better choice if you prioritize luxury and interior space and are willing to pay a premium price.

Final thoughts on the comparison:

When shopping for a premium SUV, both Land Rover and Range Rover are excellent choices, but they have distinct features and are priced differently. Ultimately, the buyer’s priorities will determine which of the two they choose.

Land Rover vs. Range Rover FAQs

What makes a Land Rover different from a Range Rover?

The car’s brand is Land Rover, and Range Rover is one of Land Rover’s sub-brands. The capacities and areas of interest, however, are different. Range Rovers are more luxurious and oriented toward on-road performance, but Land Rovers are more tough and intended for off-road driving. With a starting price of $30,000 for a Land Rover Defender 80 versus $92,000 for a Range Rover, Land Rovers are also typically less expensive than Range Rovers. The Land Rover Discovery is smaller than the Range Rover, whereas the Range Rover Sport is bigger than the Range Rover.

Is Range Rover more expensive than Land Rover?

In general, Range Rover models cost more than other Land Rover models. For instance, the beginning price of a Range Rover is $92,000, but a Land Rover Defender 80 is just $30,000.

How do Land Rover and Range Rover differ in size and seating capacity?

The Range Rover usually has higher seating capacity and is bigger and more roomy than other Land Rover vehicles. For instance, the Range Rover Sport, although being smaller than the Range Rover’s flagship model, can nonetheless seat up to five people.

Are Land Rover and Range Rover equally capable off-road?

The Land Rover and Range Rover models are intended to function well off-road. However, while Range Rover models focus more on luxury and comfort, some Land Rover models, like the Defender, are more geared toward off-road performance.

When deciding between a Land Rover and a Range Rover, what aspects should I take into account?

Consider your tastes and requirements when deciding between a Land Rover and a Range Rover. A Range Rover could be the perfect option if you value luxury and comfort highly. On the other hand, a Land Rover model like the Defender would be more appropriate if you want a more robust, off-road competent vehicle. You should also consider your budget since Range Rover vehicles often cost more than other Land Rover models.

Are Range Rovers more reliable than Land Rovers?

Some sources claim that Range Rovers may be more prone to mechanical problems than other Land Rover models and may need more maintenance. Reliability, however, might vary based on the particular model and how well it is maintained. When buying and maintaining your vehicle, it’s crucial to research and pick a reputable dealership or mechanic.

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