The 2013 Chevy Equinox Tire Size: What You Need to Know!

What tire size is best for a 2013 Chevy Equinox? Tire size impacts speed, fuel economy, and safety. This page covers 2013 Chevy Equinox tire sizes. We shall also explore tire size recommendations and car effects. If you need new tires or want to know the best Equinox tire size, read on.

Understanding Tire Sizes

Let’s start by talking about tire measurement. It’s easy to understand and will help your car run at its best. The letters and numbers that makeup tire sizes stand for the tire’s width, aspect ratio, and diameter. For instance, a tire measurement of P225/65R17 indicates that the tire is 225 millimeters broad, has a 65% aspect ratio, and suits a 17-inch diameter. The “P” marking indicates that the tire is intended for passenger cars.

2013 Chevy Equinox Tire Size Options

Let’s now focus on the 2013 Chevrolet Equinox specifically. This vehicle’s tire measurement may change depending on the model level and tire variety. The tire specifications for each model level are as follows:

Trim LevelTire Size

What does this signify for you, then? You need tires that are P225/65R17 in measurement if you drive an LS, LT, or 1LT. You’ll also need P225/65R17 if you drive a 2LT, with the opportunity to change to P235/55R18. Additionally, you’ll need P235/55R18 tires if you drive an LTZ.

2013 chevy equinox tire size
2013 Chevy Equinox tire size

Best Tires for 2013 Chevy Equinox

Tire BrandTire ModelType of TirePrice Range
SumitomoTouring LS HBudget Tire$94 - $105
BFGoodrichAdvantage T/A Sport LTMid-Priced Tire$128 - $159
GoodyearAssurance Comfortred TouringSuperior Tire$135 - $181
UniroyalPaw TouringBudget Tire$92 - $117
PirelliP Zero All Season PlusAll-Season Tire$151 - $208
MichelinPremier LTXAll-Season Tire$199 - $247
ToyoOpen Country A/T IIIOff-Road Tire$160 - $330
MichelinLatitude X-Ice Xi2Winter Tire$134 - $188
GoodyearAssorted ModelsAssorted Types$97 - $400+
FalkenWildpeak A/T TrailAll-Terrain Tire$149 - $219
BridgestoneEcopia H/L 422 PlusAll-Season Tire$141 - $203
FirestoneAssorted ModelsAssorted Types$89 - $249+
IronmanRB-SUVAll-Season Tire$85 - $125

Importance of Correct Tire Size

For several reasons, having the appropriate tire measurement for your 2013 Chevrolet Equinox is essential. It first makes sure that your car is secure to operate. The balance, grip, and general efficiency can be impacted by either too tiny or too big tires. Second, by enabling the vehicle to function at its peak, having the correct tire size can increase gasoline economy. Lastly, it extends tire life, saving you money.

Tire Types for the 2013 Chevy Equinox

It’s essential to consider the sort of tire that will best meet your transportation requirements and dimensions. The 2013 Chevy Equinox has summer, winter, and all-season tire choices. Summer tires offer superior traction and control and are made for traveling in humid climates. However, winter tires are designed for snow and ice and have the best grip. All-season tires offer a mix of speed and convenience and are made for year-round use.

Choosing the Right Tire for Your Driving Needs

When choosing 2013 Chevy Equinox tires, consider your driving habits. Summer tires may be best if you drive on highways or live in a warm climate. If you live in a harsh winter climate, consider buying winter tires.

Checking Your Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire inflation is crucial once you’ve chosen the correct tire size and style for your 2013 Chevrolet Equinox. Regular tire pressure checks (at least once a month) are essential. Be sure to fill your tires to the pressure specified in your owner’s handbook or the tire itself. Tire life can be increased, and gasoline economy, steering, and general performance can all be improved with the correct tire pressure.


For optimum efficiency and protection on the road, selecting the proper tire size and type for your 2013 Chevrolet Equinox is crucial. To keep your car running smoothly, consider your trip needs and check your tire pressure often.

You now know everything there is to know about the 2013 Chevrolet Equinox’s tire specifications. Always examine your vehicle’s user handbook for the suggested tire measurement, and if you need more clarification, seek expert advice. Safe travels!

FAQ related to 2013 Chevrolet Equinox Tires

What are the stock tire sizes for the 2013 Chevy Equinox?

The 2013 Chevy Equinox’s tire sizes vary by trim and choice. 225/65R17, 235/55R18, or 235/55R19 are the stock tire sizes for the 2013 Equinox LS, LT, and LTZ.

Can I use a different tire size for my 2013 Chevy Equinox?

The 2013 Chevy Equinox has a 5×120 bolt design and M14 x 1.5 threads. The diameter is 66.9 mm. 2.4i and 3.6i engines have these specs.

What is the bolt pattern for the 2013 Chevy Equinox?

The 2013 Chevy Equinox tire load rate depends on size and type. The tire casing or an online tire size tool will show the load index and other essential tire details.

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