2006 Honda Accord Tire Size: Maximize Your Honda’s Performance

One crucial factor to consider while maintaining a 2006 Honda Accord is the tire size. The proper tire size guarantees not only a comfortable ride but also your safety while you drive. However, choosing the correct tire size for a Honda Accord may be challenging, given the wide variety of sizes on the market. In this article, we’ll look more closely at the tire size for a 2006 Honda Accord and advise on choosing the proper one.

Original tire size for the 2006 Honda Accord

A 2006 Honda Accord’s original tire size varies based on the model and trim level. The standard tire size for the DX, LX, and LX Special Edition models is P195/65R15. The original tire size for the EX and EX-V6 versions is P205/60R16. It’s vital to remember that choosing the correct tire size is essential for the vehicle’s performance and safety. The handling and braking of the car and the accuracy of the speedometer and odometer may all be impacted by using a tire of a different size. It is advised to keep the original tire size suggested by the manufacturer.

Model and TrimDX, LX, LX Special EditionEX, EX-V6
Tire SizeP195/65R15P205/60R16
Tread PatternSymmetricalAsymmetrical
Load Index8991V
Speed RatingTV
Tire TypeAll-SeasonAll-Season

2006 Honda Accord tire size and Rim Size for All Trim Levels

Trim LevelTire SizeRim Size
LX Special EditionP195/65R1515x6
LX V6P215/60R1616x6.5
EX-L V6P215/55R1717x7
EX-L V6 with NAVIP215/55R1717x7
EX-L with NAVIP205/60R1616x6.5

Bolt Pattern, aspect ratio, and lug information for a 2006 Honda Accord

Trim LevelBolt PatternAspect RatioLug Information
LX Special Edition5x114.36512mmx1.5
LX V65x114.36012mmx1.5
EX-L V65x114.35512mmx1.5
EX-L V6 with NAVI5x114.35512mmx1.5
EX-L with NAVI5x114.36012mmx1.5

Recommended PSI

Trim LevelRecommended Tire Pressure (Front/Rear)
DX30 psi / 30 psi
LX30 psi / 30 psi
LX Special Edition30 psi / 30 psi
LX V632 psi / 32 psi
VP30 psi / 30 psi
EX30 psi / 30 psi
EX-L30 psi / 30 psi
EX-L V632 psi / 32 psi
EX-L V6 with NAVI32 psi / 32 psi
EX-L with NAVI30 psi / 30 psi

2006 Honda Accord tire Rotation Pattern

Tire PositionTire To Be Moved To
Front Driver SideRear Passenger Side
Front Passenger SideRear Driver Side
Rear Driver SideFront Passenger Side
Rear Passenger SideFront Driver Side

Speed Rating for Optimal Performance for 2006 Honda Accord tire

The 2006 Honda Accord tires’ recommended speed rating is H, corresponding to a maximum speed of 130 mph (210 km/h). This speed rating strikes a solid mix between performance and safety and is ideal for most driving situations. It’s vital to remember that going above the appropriate speed limit may be risky and can result in tire failure or damage. To guarantee safety and the best performance, choosing tires with speed ratings equal to or higher than the vehicle’s max speed is critical.

Best Tires For 2006 Honda Accord

Tire BrandTire ModelPrice Range
MichelinPremier A/S Grand touring$150 - $250 per tire
BridgestoneTuranza QuietTrack$100 - $200 per tire
ContinentalExtremeContact$150 - $200 per tire
YokohamaAvid ENVigor$100 - $150 per tire
SumitomoHTR Enhance L/X$75 - $100 per tire
FirestoneChampion Fuel Fighter$70 - $100 per tire


The 205/60R16, 215/50R17, and 225/50R17 tire sizes are available for the 2006 Honda Accord based on the trim level and wheel size. Additional suitable measures include 205/65R15, 215/60R16, and 225/45R17. Good alternatives from several companies cost between $600 and $1,300 for a set of four. Consider your driving preferences and demands when picking tires, such as all-season capabilities, high performance, handling, or winter driving.

FAQ related to the 2006 Honda Accord tire

What is the recommended tire size for a 2006 Honda Accord?

Depending on the model level and wheel size, the suggested tire size for a 2006 Honda Accord is variable, but popular sizes include 205/60R16, 215/50R17, and 225/50R17.

How often should I get my 2006 Honda Accord's tires replaced?

Tire life might vary based on driving style, weather, and road conditions. To guarantee safe driving, it’s crucial to frequently check the depth of your tire’s tread and replace them when necessary. Tire replacement is typically advised every six years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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