2016 Ford Fusion Tire Size: All You Need To Know! Unleash the Actual Power

If you’re a 2016 Ford Fusion owner, you already know how vital proper tire measurement is to your vehicle’s control, efficiency, and safety. You shouldn’t take your car’s tire size for granted because it directly influences how it drives. This article will detail the tire measurement requirements for the 2016 Ford Fusion and give you all the required information.

What is the 2016 Ford Fusion Tire Size? Depending on the model level and powertrain, various tire widths are available for the 2016 Ford Fusion. Based on the motor type, the SE variant comes with either P235/50R17 or P235/45R18 tires, while the basic S model comes with P215/60R16 rubber. P235/40R19 tires, on the other hand, are standard equipment on the Platinum variant. The Hybrid model’s tires are P225/50R17.

The following chart lists the tire sizes for the 2016 Ford Fusion according to model level:

Trim LevelTire Size
SEP235/50R17 or P235/45R18

2016 ford fusion tire Rim Size

Trim LevelOriginal Rim SizeOther Compatible Rim Sizes
S w/Appearance Pkg.18x8.017x7.5, 18x7.5
SE17x7.516x6.5, 17x7.0
Titanium18x8.017x7.5, 18x7.5
Titanium Hybrid18x8.017x7.5, 18x7.5

Upgrading or Changing the 2016 ford fusion tire size

There are a few factors to consider if you’re considering replacing the tire measurement on your 2016 Ford Fusion. Here are some pros and cons of changing tire size and tips for picking the right one: Change tire size benefits: Enhancement: Increased tire size improves grip and control, especially when moving.

Benefits of changing tire size:

Enhanced performance: Upgrading to a bigger tire size will give your vehicle more traction and control, particularly when turning.

Aesthetic appeal: Larger tire sizes can offer your vehicle a more aggressive or athletic appearance.

Drawbacks of changing tire size:

Speedometer and odometer accuracy: A shift in tire size may impact these devices’ precision. Smaller tires can make your odometer read quicker, while larger tires can cause it to read slower than your natural pace.

Ride comfort: The driving pleasure of your vehicle may change if your tires are varied in size. Your journey may feel harsher with larger tires or more softened with smaller tires.

Wheel fitment: Modifying your tire size may alter how well your wheels match. To ensure that the new rims clear your brake drums and rotors, you must verify the misalignment, match the bolt design, or install an adaptor.

Plus, Sizing the Tires for your Ford Fusion 2016

Plus-sizing is a popular way to raise a vehicle’s wheel and tire size by increasing the wheel diameter and reducing the tire aspect ratio. The tire label on the B-pillar or driver’s door indicates the 2016 Ford Fusion’s original equipment tire size, which varies by model and trim level.

The Ford Fusion’s normal plus one size is 17×7 wheels with 225/45R-17 tires, while the plus two size is 18×8 wheels with 235/40R-18 tires. Plus-sizing improves driving, turning, and appearance. However, ride comfort, road noise, and suspension or tire clearance issues may be of concern.

Consider your driving style, planned use, and tastes when choosing plus-sizing for your Ford Fusion. Plus-sizing can improve your Ford Fusion’s efficiency and look, but you should weigh the pros and cons before making any wheel and tire changes. Ensure the new wheels and tires work with your Fusion’s chassis and brakes. Plus-sizing may be a good choice if you value speed and aesthetics over ride comfort and noise. Plus-sizing can be a great way to improve your car, but you should study and consider all aspects before changing your car’s wheel and tire setup.

Tire Rotation

The 2016 Ford Fusion’s owner’s manual recommends rotating the tires every 7,000–10,000 miles. Tire rotation promotes even wear, improving tire function and life. Wrong balance can wear tires and other car parts. Correctly filled and turned tires enhance safety, economy, and efficiency. A tire change for a 2016 Ford Fusion costs $38–54. The 2016 Ford Fusion’s tire pressure monitoring system recommends 32 psi for front and rear tires.

Lists tire sizes for 2016 Ford Fusion choices. Additionally, tire rotation can even wear all tires, including RWD tires. Lastly, it emphasizes tire filling and process for car efficiency and tire life.

Tire rotation pattern for a 2016 Ford Fusion

Tire PositionRecommended Tire Position
Front Driver's SideRear Driver's Side
Rear Driver's SideFront Passenger's Side
Front Passenger's SideRear Passenger's Side
Rear Passenger's SideFront Driver's Side

Best Tires for 2016 Ford Fusion SE

You might wonder what the finest tires are if you drive a 2016 Ford Fusion SE. The two tire sizes available for the SE grade level are P235/50R17 and P235/45R18, and there are numerous tire manufacturers and types to select from. The following are a few of the top tires for the 2016 Ford Fusion SE:

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+: Providing excellent balance and grip on both dry and damp conditions is the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tire. It is renowned for being silent and comfy and has a long tire life.

Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season: The performance-oriented Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire has excellent control and grip. Additionally, it offers a pleasant journey and is sturdy.

Continental PureContact LS: This tire is renowned for its comfort and fuel economy. It has a long tire life and offers excellent steering and stopping ability.

Selecting the appropriate tire measurement for your 2016 Ford Fusion is crucial for your vehicle’s control, efficiency, and protection. A wide variety of tire manufacturers and types are available, regardless of whether your vehicle is a SE, Titanium, or hybrid. Consider variables like control, traction, comfort, and gasoline economy when selecting a tire, as well as your driving requirements and tastes. With the correct tire size and brand, you can have a comfortable and secure traveling experience in your 2016 Ford Fusion.

Other Recommended Tires for the 2016 Ford Fusion

Tire Brand and ModelTypePrice per tire
Ironman iMOVE GEN 3 ASPerformance$100.00
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+High-performance$209.00
General G-Max AS-05All-season$104.00
Bridgestone Blizzak WS90Winter$124.99
Hankook Winter iCept iZ2Winter$102.00

2016 Ford Fusion Titanium Tire Size

P235/40R19 tires are standard equipment with the 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium. This tire measurement is appropriate for arid and rainy situations and strikes a decent mix between speed and comfort. You can pick from various manufacturers and types that give this measurement if you need to change your tires.

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Tire Size

The P225/50R17 tires are standard on the 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This tire measurement offers a smooth journey and is built for gasoline economy. You can pick from various manufacturers and types that give this measurement if you need to change your tires.

FAQ related to 2016 Ford Fusion Tires

What is the best tire pressure for a 2016 Ford Fusion?

Different tire pressure recommendations will apply based on the tire size and model level of a 2016 Ford Fusion. The tire pressure can usually vary between 32 and 35 pounds for both the front and back tires.

What size tire can I put on a 2016 Ford Fusion?

The tire measurement can be P235/50R17, P235/45R18, or P235/40R19, depending on the equipment level, and the wheel width can be 17 inches, 18 inches, or 19 inches.

Where can I buy tires for a 2016 Ford Fusion?

There are many places to buy tires for a 2016 Ford Fusion, including tire shops, internet tire retailers, and Ford showrooms. Tires Plus Total Car Care, Discount Tire, and Firestone Complete Auto Care are well-liked places to buy tires for a 2016 Ford Fusion.

Can bad tire alignment cause loud tire/road noise on a 2016 Ford Fusion?

It is uncommon for a 2016 Ford Fusion to experience noisy tire or road noise due to lousy tire alignment, even though it can result in several problems, including irregular tire degradation and decreased fuel economy. If there is a lot of commotion, the car’s balance may be seriously compromised.

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