2012 Ford Focus Tire Size: Discover the Top Tire Options and Take Your Driving to the Next Level!

When maintaining your 2012 Ford Focus, you should always pay attention to the tires. In addition to ensuring optimum performance, the correct tire measurement keeps you and your companions secure while driving. Choosing the correct tire size can be difficult with so many choices on the market. In this blog article, we’ll walk you through choosing the right tire measurement for your 2012 Ford Focus, considering several variables, including the vehicle’s model level, the traveling environment, and more. So let’s get started!

Original tire size for the 2012 Ford Focus

A 2012 Ford Focus has a different initial tire measurement depending on the model level. Standard tire sizes for the S and SE versions are 195/65R15 and 215/50R17, respectively, for the SEL and Titanium types. It’s vital to remember that choosing the right tire size is essential for achieving the best efficiency and Level of safety while driving. You can examine the owner’s handbook or speak with a qualified tire expert if you need clarification on the tire measurement for your particular 2012 Ford Focus.

Tire SizeP215/55R16
Tread PatternSymmetric
Load Index93
Speed RatingH
Tire TypeAll-season

2012 Ford Focus tire size and Rim Size for All Trim Levels

Trim LevelTire SizeRim Size

Bolt Pattern, aspect ratio and lug information for a 2012 Ford Focus

Trim LevelTire SizeBolt PatternAspect RatioLug Information
SP195/65R154x1086512mm x 1.5
SEP215/55R165x1085512mm x 1.5
SELP215/55R165x1085512mm x 1.5
TitaniumP215/50R175x1085012mm x 1.5

Recommended PSI

Trim LevelTire SizePSI (Front)PSI (Rear)
SP195/65R1532 psi32 psi
SEP215/55R1632 psi32 psi
SELP215/55R1632 psi32 psi
TitaniumP215/50R1735 psi35 psi

2012 Ford Focus Tire Rotation Pattern

Front-wheel drive (FWD)

The forward cross pattern is the most popular rotation pattern advised by tire makers for FWD cars. The front tires are shifted directly back to the back and positioned on the opposing side of the rear hub in this pattern. The left rear tire moves to the right front, and the right rear tire moves to the left front as the back tires are shifted vertically to the front. Each tire will degrade thanks to this pattern, contributing to the tires’ longer lifespan.

1RemoveRemove all four tires from the vehicle.
2InspectInspect each tire for damage or wear.
3Rear tires to frontMove the rear tires to the front of the vehicle on the same side.
4Front tires to opposite rearMove the front tires to the rear of the vehicle on the opposite side. The left front tire goes to the right rear position, and the right front tire goes to the left rear position.
5TorqueTorque the lug nuts to the manufacturer's specification.
6LowerLower the vehicle to the ground.
7InflateInflate all tires to the recommended PSI.
8TightenTighten the lug nuts in a star pattern.

4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (AWD) (4WD)

To keep the car operating securely and effectively, it’s critical to adhere to the manufacturer’s tire rotation suggestions. The suggested rotation pattern for AWD or 4WD vehicles may change depending on the car and its powertrain. Specific suggestions for your car can be found in the owner’s handbook or from a tire expert.

Understanding Tire Size 2012 Ford Focus

Selecting the right tires for your car requires understanding tire measurement. Common tire dimensions include the rim’s diameter in inches, the tire’s aspect ratio (the ratio of the tire’s height to its girth), and the tire’s thickness in millimeters. For instance, the 2012 Ford Focus’s tire measurement is P215/55R16, where P means a passenger car, 215 refers to the tire’s millimeter breadth, 55 refers to its aspect ratio, and 16 refers to the rim’s inch circumference.

The control, stability, fuel economy, and travel enjoyment of a car can all be significantly impacted by selecting the proper tire measurement. While the proper tire size can enhance these efficiency variables, an improperly sized tire can have the opposite effect. Additionally, selecting the proper tire measurement can help guarantee secure travelling circumstances and a longer tire and car lifespan.

Best Tires For 2012 Ford Focus

Tire BrandTire ModelTire Price
MichelinDefender T+H$120-$160
ContinentalTrueContact Tour$100-$140
GoodyearAssurance WeatherReady$110-$150
BridgestonePotenza RE97AS$120-$170
PirelliCinturato P7 All Season Plus$110-$150

Speed Rating for Optimal Performance for 2012 ford focus tire

The suggested speed rating for the 2012 Ford Focus is usually T or H, translating into top velocities of 118 mph and 130 mph, respectively. These pace values suit most driving circumstances and will ensure the car performs at its best.


Choosing the correct tire measurement for your 2012 Ford Focus is essential to guarantee optimum efficiency and safety. Although it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for measurement, other elements like tire type, traction pattern, and speed classification can also impact efficiency. For most driving situations, all-season tires are a wonderful option, while severe winter driving conditions may call for winter tires. Although more expensive, high-quality tires can save money over time by increasing fuel economy and lowering the likelihood of mishaps. Remember that your car’s tires are essential; getting the correct ones will improve your driving experience.

FAQ related to the 2012 Ford Focus tire

What are the recommended tire sizes for the 2012 Ford Focus?

The suggested tire widths for the 2012 Ford Focus may change depending on the particular model level and choice bundle. Typical tire widths for the 2012 Ford Focus include 215/55R16, 215/50R17, and 195/65R15.

What is the best all-season tire for the 2012 Ford Focus?

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS is one of the most well-liked all-season tire choices for the 2012 Ford Focus, and it has a devoted following because of its prowess in icy conditions.

How much do tires for a 2012 Ford Focus cost?

Depending on the manufacturer, size, and style of tire chosen, the price of tires for a 2012 Ford Focus can change. 2012 Ford Focus tires can cost anywhere from $90 to $300 or more.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2012 Ford Focus?

The suggested tire pressure for a 2012 Ford Focus can change depending on the type. The suggested tire pressure should be found in the owner’s handbook or on the tire label on the driver’s side door frame. Tires may need to be inflated 3 to 5 psi higher than the suggested pressure during cooler months to account for reduced temps.

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